Friday, 12 November 2010

UK studies Augmented Reality to improve Security - Can you contribute?

The Technology Demonstrator 3 (TD3) project is part of the INSTINCT (Innovative Science and Technology in Counter-Terrorism) cross-Government approach to innovation in security.  TD3 will investigate how Augmented Reality technologies could be used to improve the response to threats from international terrorism.

Innovative Augmented Reality technologies will be sought from across industry and academia, and examined in realistic live trials and experiments. The culmination will be a high profile Showcase Event in London and the provision of an 'Enduring Capability' available to industry and academia.

If you have innovations that support Augmented Reality find out more by visiting the TD3 website

Saturday, 30 October 2010

No Austerity for Security

Things might not be too bad from a security innovation point of view from the recent UK government cuts:

·         RDA science money has gone to the TSB, who of course like networks so perhaps could extend SITC to become a Security KTN (which in my view should include the ex-Cyber Security KTN now lost in the Digital Systems KTN);

·         University science spending has barely been cut but there will be a lot of pressure to improve commercialisation;

·         The TSB appear to be getting money for the Hauser centres;

·         Cyber security has been awarded a significant budget;